Bell sleeves

Alright, I jumped on the bell sleeve bandwagon. I love this sweater because the bell sleeves aren’t too exaggerated and I love the tunic length. By the way, it’s 50% off! I wore this look on a cooler day last week, but right now we’re experiencing record breaking heat! I’m hoping it’s the last of the season because I’m ready for more sweater weather.

Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!


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Cutest sneakers from Target under $30

You guys, Target has the cutest sneaks right now! I can never spend too much on my shoes because I’m too hard on them, so finding a good deal for fun and trendy pieces is right up my alley.

Which one is your favorite?



Pom pom sweater

How cute is this sweater! I knew it would be the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe. It’s so soft (not itchy at all), is the perfect weight for southern California winters and can be paired with almost anything (pencil skirts, jeans or slacks). I was torn between the grey and navy but I think the colors of the poms on the navy was more interesting. I paired mine with black jeans because yes, black and navy can go together!

On another note, I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday. This week we were a little out of sorts because my baby boy had his first cold. He’s on the mend and we’re excited for a fun weekend ahead!

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Good morning and happy Wednesday! I’m going to admit that I am so ready for fall weather in Southern California. September and October can be notoriously hot and dry and this year is no exception. While you’re all flaunting the vivid changing colors of the season on your social media, I’m constantly checking my weather app in search for a day that is at least under 80 degrees. But that won’t stop me from some light layers because my office is freezing during the day.

Hope you’re all having an awesome week and thanks for stopping by!





Currently craving: all things burgundy

This photo is from a trip to Carmel, Indiana back in October of 2015. The leaves were so spectacular — it made me miss real seasons. And although we’re not getting much of a fall yet, I’m still inspired to pull out all my favorite fall colors. Here’s a few burgundy items on my radar…






What I’m meal prepping for the week ahead

Most Sundays I spend some time meal prepping. I enlist the help of my daughter who loves to mix things together and pour ingredients into bowls. I don’t want to spend too much time on it, but having some recipes on hand to make quick and healthy items to grab-and-go makes for a smooth week of healthy eating. It also means I don’t have to cook every night since I make enough to last two (sometimes three) nights.

Here’s what I’m prepping on Sunday and have on hand to make for the week…

Quinoa breakfast bars: These are seriously so good and really hit the spot for those afternoon hunger pains. A bonus is that my daughter loves them and asks for them in her lunch.

Kale, apple and quinoa salad: Since I’m already making a batch of quinoa, might as well use it for something else. I’ll wait to add the dressing for later since I’ll be using this as part of my lunches for the coming week.

Sweet potato and sausage quinoa bake: (Pictured above) Notice a theme here? More quinoa. Literally just finished eating this and it’s SO good and super easy to make. I added more kale than recommended.

Butternut squash and spinach lasagna: I’m excited to try this one. Maybe not the healthiest with all that cheese, but I’m OK with that.

Chicken pot pie: It’s Fall, but it’s still pretty warm around here. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some fall meals like a good ‘ol fashion chicken pot pie.

What are some of your favorite go-to’s?

Favorite places in my home

I love interior design as much as I do fashion. Designing a room is much like putting together an outfit; you have to think about colors, textures and the mood you’re going for. I definitely lean more towards the mid century modern look, but I also look to the opinions of my sister and mom for design help and inspiration.

Here are the top three spaces in my home I get the most questions about and where to buy the items:

Living room: I love the way this room came together. The fireplace is in an awkward place and the room is really long, so initially I had a hard time designing this space. The art above the fireplace is something I created on a whim when we first moved in. It’s really grown on me! For a long time I really wanted to mount a mantle on the fireplace, but it might make the space too crowded. I like the retro feel of it for now.


Kitchen: We’re in this space the most: breakfast, lunch and even dinners. We hardly use our dining room anymore, but I think once the kids are a little older we’ll start using it again. I absolutely love this table not only for it’s fun design, but that it’s really kid friendly. There have been so many things spilled on this and accidental marker ink and it always comes out. The art piece is by Grey Malin, but I linked a similar and less expensive version below.



Bedroom: This room has changed the most since we moved in. I had a hard time finding a comforter that wasn’t too feminine and not too manly. I settled for a unique stripe in a pretty grey knowing that I could have fun pillows. There’s still a lot I want to do to this space: update the fan, add an area rug that’s the right size, new closet doors…etc. I am also looking for the perfect bench to add at the foot of the bed. Any suggestions are welcome!