My go-to mom bag

This weekend was so busy, but so fun. On Saturday I went for a 12 mile run with my teammates, took the kids to a birthday party and hosted a dinner for some friends at our house. Today I spent the majority of the day with my daughter. We went to church, did a little shopping, ran some errands and then decorated the house for Christmas with the rest of the family. Whew, that’s a lot in just two days!

Since we were out and about most of the weekend, I relied heavily on my Lena by Cassandra bag. The bag was thoughtfully designed with plenty of organizational pockets and a super comfortable strap. I stocked it with snacks, water, a coloring book with markers and some of my personal things. If you’re looking for a diaper bag for yourself or trying to find the perfect gift for a new mom, check out Lena by Cassandra. Use code “GLOSSYLEMON” for a 20% discount!

Hope you’re enjoying the last of your weekend and thanks for stopping by!



Sunday favorites

Good morning and happy Sunday! I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend with family. We started our morning out pretty lazy — stayed in our pj’s, sipped coffee, flipped through a few magazines…all while our kids basically climbed all over us. That’s the name of the game when you have little ones!

I bought these pajamas last year and they are so soft and cozy. They’re on sale right now for under $50! And I live in these Ugg slippers as soon as I get home. Also, be sure to check out the amazing deal on the Nespresso machine I have. If you haven’t had Nespresso coffee from this machine, you’re not living life to the fullest LOL.

Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for stopping by!

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The vitamin I didn’t know I was deficient in

I was recently burning the candle at both ends. Between super early morning wake up calls to get my run in, working full time, taking care of two children (4 years old and now almost 10 months old) and maintaining a clean and organized household, I didn’t always feel that great. I was tired, always a little sore/achy, I got pneumonia in August and I blamed everything on postpartum issues. I am assuming a lot of you can relate to this. We all lead busy lives and it’s easy to feel run down.

It wasn’t until my best friend (who works in the medical field) ordered this vitamin D3 and had it shipped to my house. I didn’t think much of it, but I took her advice and started taking 5,000 IU every day. After one week I thought, huh that’s funny I feel really energetic and good and happy. I thought back on the week to try and figure out why I felt so good. It dawned on me that it was the D3! That’s when I noticed my aches and pains were gone, I felt really alert, I wasn’t easily agitated and I felt 100% like myself again.

Vitamin D helps maintain the health of bones and teeth, supports the immune system, brain and nervous system, regulates insulin levels, support lunch function and cardiovascular health, can help with overall mood and fatigue…the list goes on and on.

When I started doing my own research I found that 75% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D. That’s a lot! I thought it was important to share this because you might be feeling the same way too. It’s so easy to make an excuse for the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency — I did! I thought my aches were from running so much, I was tired because I had a lot going on…etc. I urge you to take it! Do it now! And then tell me how you start feeling.

Cheers to good health, my friends!

*This is not sponsored in any way. I simply want you all to live your healthiest lives!

The perfect diaper bag

Being a mom to a 4 year old and a 9 month old means I have a lot of things I need to bring with me when I leave the house — snacks, diapers, wipes, toys, pacifiers, extra set of clothes…the list goes on (and on and on). Those of you who are parents are probably nodding your head right now. You might find this crazy, but I’ve never had a diaper bag. I just throw all my stuff into a (big) purse and I’m on my way. This never really works that well because it’s mixed with all my things and, well, you can probably guess all the reasons why this isn’t efficient.

Fast forward a few years after having my daughter and I met my friend Elyse who has a family owned company called Lena by Cassandra that designs sophisticated, practical and beautiful bags that literally hold everything. Check out these videos to see just how much it can hold. One of my favorite features is the stroller straps since neither of my strollers has a hook for my bag. But I equally love all the compartments to help keep me organized.

I am so happy that Lena by Cassandra is offering a very generous 20% discount off your purchase using code “glossylemon”! It’s the perfect time of year to either treat yourself to a new diaper bag (because let’s face it, you’ll use it every day) or start doing some early Christmas shopping for friends and family!

Hope you’re having a good one and thanks for stopping by!



Favorite places in my home

I love interior design as much as I do fashion. Designing a room is much like putting together an outfit; you have to think about colors, textures and the mood you’re going for. I definitely lean more towards the mid century modern look, but I also look to the opinions of my sister and mom for design help and inspiration.

Here are the top three spaces in my home I get the most questions about and where to buy the items:

Living room: I love the way this room came together. The fireplace is in an awkward place and the room is really long, so initially I had a hard time designing this space. The art above the fireplace is something I created on a whim when we first moved in. It’s really grown on me! For a long time I really wanted to mount a mantle on the fireplace, but it might make the space too crowded. I like the retro feel of it for now.


Kitchen: We’re in this space the most: breakfast, lunch and even dinners. We hardly use our dining room anymore, but I think once the kids are a little older we’ll start using it again. I absolutely love this table not only for it’s fun design, but that it’s really kid friendly. There have been so many things spilled on this and accidental marker ink and it always comes out. The art piece is by Grey Malin, but I linked a similar and less expensive version below.



Bedroom: This room has changed the most since we moved in. I had a hard time finding a comforter that wasn’t too feminine and not too manly. I settled for a unique stripe in a pretty grey knowing that I could have fun pillows. There’s still a lot I want to do to this space: update the fan, add an area rug that’s the right size, new closet doors…etc. I am also looking for the perfect bench to add at the foot of the bed. Any suggestions are welcome!



My favorite everyday jewelry

I don’t own a lot of jewelry, but I do have my go-to pieces that I wear all the time. I love the pieces I have collected for myself, from my family and from my husband. Wearing the jewelry makes me think of the person who gifted it to me or what it represents. Aside from these very special pieces, I rounded up my absolute favorites that I wear almost every day.

The earrings in this picture are my latest obsession. Can you tell that the large disc goes behind the ear? And you can wear the small disc by itself if you want. How cool is that? The picture on the Nordstrom website shows them side by side, but check them out here.

Which ones are your favorites? Comment below!


Current favorites

I love to indulge in a few items that make me feel good. And that isn’t always a great pair of shoes or a yummy treat from a local bakery. Instead, I love a few things for my home and skin that smell good and act as a ritual before bedtime. This oil is my all time favorite. The scent is subtle, but yummy enough to use before bed. I love to spray it on my hands and work it into my cuticles and it leaves a satiny sheen on the skin. It’s equally as good in your hair especially if it tends to be dry. I also use this lotion on my hands, arms, elbows, knees and feet before bed. It smells really fresh and is super thick and moisturizing without being too oily. When I’m finally ready for bed, I always wear this eye mask. It’s so comfortable and doesn’t let any light in. And I recently added this diffuser to my home (my first one!) and it adds the perfect blend of husk and sandalwood to the house.

a few other favorite indulgences…