Finding time to workout

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my stories featuring my super early morning runs. I won’t lie, this was not easy in the beginning. In fact, I dreaded it. But after years of doing it I actually kind of like it. I love breaking a sweat first thing in the morning and getting my workout in before anyone else in my family is awake.

Thankfully I don’t have to do this every morning or else I’d probably burn out. A few days a week I run at a normal hour of the day (either 7am, lunch time or Tuesday nights with my track club) and it helps me from feeling burned out. I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I find time to work out when I have kids. I’ve written about it here and here. If you have young kids and you’re looking to get into a fitness routine, my advice is to set up a plan and make sure your spouse is on board because you’ll need them not only as a cheerleader, but also as the one who will take care of the kids! And be kind to yourself — you can’t expect to get in great shape and feel really good right away. Take me for example, our entire family just got over the stomach flu and I haven’t run since Thursday. So today we ventured out and played at the local high school. I consider this a workout since we made up obstacle courses, sprinted around and I did burpees randomly in between chasing my daughter. You can see a video or our shenanigans here!

On a final note, I love that my kids see me do something I love other than being their mom. I think it’s so healthy for my daughter to see that a girl can be strong and healthy and fast. And I hope that one day I can join in on whatever sport they choose!

What are your 2018 fitness goals?

Favorite workout gear…


Favorite workout gear

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I fall into the category of fitness freak. I started running when I was 10 years old and it’s no surprise since my parents were big time runners back in the day. I remember my sister and I excitedly handing them iced water when they would return from a long run. Running is my lifestyle — it’s how I have found some of my best friends, it’s taught me how to be part of a team but also how to be a leader, it’s taught me discipline and it has taken me on so many amazing adventures.

I get a lot of questions around what I wear when I run; everything from running shoes to the best dri-fit hat. I’ve rounded up my top favorites. But I have to point out, this sports bra and this top are an absolute must have! Also, I’ve been running in these shoes for years but recently switched to these. They’re more expensive but they fit better in the toe box so I went for it!

My Garmin watch is an absolute must have. It shows me everything like my splits, average time per mile, distance and even how to get back home. I sync it with my Strava app which is a really fun way to see how/what other people are running.

What’s your favorite workout gear?

Getting back into my workout routine

If you’ve followed me for a long time, you know I’m a big runner. Since I was 10 years old I’ve been racing competitively and it’s by no surprise; my parents were competitive runners back in the day! Now that I’ve had my second baby, finding time to workout does not come easy. Gone are the days of running at my leisure at any hour of the day. Now I’m often up before the sun to get my run in before the kids are awake. And I have to admit, I really like getting my run in before my day starts. But I would be lying if I said it was easy. Here are five things that help me get motivated for my workout:

  1. No electronics before bedtime: Since my alarm is set for 4:42am (yes, those two extra minutes make a big difference!) that means I need to hit the sack early. If I look at my phone before bed I will go down the Instagram rabbit hole. I need to have the lights out no later than 10pm, but I always shoot for 9:30pm.
  2. Prepare as much as possible: Nothing is worse than looking around for your workout clothes in the dark when you’re still half asleep. I lay my clothes and Garmin watch out the night before and make sure I have breakfast somewhat prepped (more about that here).
  3. Have good gear: Make sure you have supportive shoes that aren’t too worn down. These are my absolute favorites – I’ve been wearing them since I first started running! Having good gear that you feel good in and doesn’t bother you while working out is super important. See my must haves below.
  4. Set a goal: Start small and then keep adding on to your goal. You might be setting yourself up for failure if you go from nothing to saying you’ll work out 5 days a week. Start slowly and listen to your body. Be kind to yourself!
  5. Find a friend: I am fortunate enough to run with an amazing team comprised with some of my best friends. They keep me accountable for staying in race shape and they make it fun! Try to find a local group that you can meet at least 1-2 times a week.

What are some of the ways you find time for exercise? Comment below!




Postpartum fitness


After I had my daughter, I became obsessed with reading about how other women got in shape postpartum. My body had gone through so many changes and I worried it would never go back. But guess what? It did. I thought I’d share my postpartum fitness, my goals and a little roundup about what I eat in a day.

Now before I dive in, let me acknowledge that I’m a competitive runner, usually averaging around 45-50 miles a week and racing local races on the weekends. With each of my pregnancies, I ran until I was 20 weeks pregnant. At that point, it became uncomfortable and I didn’t enjoy it at all. I used the time to take a break both mentally and physically. I like to let you know that before you read on, so you don’t think I’m full blown crazy for how much I run!

My fitness goals:

After my first pregnancy, I returned back to my pre-pregnancy weight after I was done breast feeding (around 7 months postpartum). I’m the kind of person who holds on to weight while nursing (bummer, huh?) so I’m realistic that the 5 pounds I’m holding on to now (why does it feel like 500?) will be there until end of summer when I’m no longer BF’ing.

My main goal is to get my core strength back by working on my pelvic floor muscles first (those are the muscles that are deep in your core that basically hold everything together).

My first race will most likely be over Memorial weekend where I’ll race a 5k. I’d love to just break 20 minutes! My PR is 17:32 (track) and 18:09 (road).

Week at a glance:

Monday: 5 miles usually pushing the stroller

Tuesday: track workout with my team – just started back two weeks ago. Warm up, 2 x 800 meters, 2 x 400 meters, cool down. OR tempo run followed by strides

Wednesday: 4-5 miles easy and core work

Thursday: 5 miles

Friday: off

Saturday: 6 miles

Sunday: core work

This schedule is not rigid at all. Let’s be honest, I have a 3.5 month old and I’m still getting up in the middle of the night with him. If you watch my Insta Stories, you’ll see that sometimes I run at night when both the kids are sleeping. When my son is sleeping through the night, I’ll wake up early to get my run in so I don’t have to worry about fitting it in later that day. I’ll slowly work my way back up to 40+ mile weeks.

Motivating peeps to follow:

@siss_fit – two sisters who have awesome HIIT workouts you can do anywhere. I love their account because it’s really motivating and they give really great tips, too.

@lovebylynn – I followed Lynn right after I had my daughter. I love her videos and you can do everything from home with minimal equipment. She also has a lot of tips on healthy eating.

@emilyskyefitness – this Australian beaut puts together killer HIIT workouts. She’s super positive and has great energy.

@kayla_itsines – who doesn’t follow her?! Love her workouts which feature tons of squats and burpees. Ouch!


What I eat in a day:

I’m a creature of habit, so this doesn’t change too much!

Breakfast: avocado toast, coffee. Sometimes I’ll make Quaker Oats and mix it with frozen blueberries, Greek yogurt and honey, YUM!

Lunch: lately I’ve been eating a lot of leftovers. Usually it’ll consist of something like: rice, some kind of vegetable like broccoli, chicken and shredded cheese. Or I’ll make tuna, mix it with spinach and chopped bell pepper.

Snack: this is always really random. It might be almonds, fig newtons, peanut butter and banana…you get the picture.

Dinner: my protein is always chicken, fish or ground turkey. I make sure there’s always a vegetable and usually some kind of carb. I’m a carb lover and I don’t shy away from them too much. After all, I need it with all my running!

Dessert: I literally never skip dessert. I have a massive sweet tooth, especially after dinner. I’ll either have homemade cookies, some ice cream or a piece (or like 5 pieces) of chocolate.