Five hacks to get to bed earlier

I’m sure a lot of us are guilty of staying up later than we should. I’ve definitely regretted burning the midnight oil when my alarm goes off early in the morning. For the most part, I’m really good about getting in bed by 9:30 and lights out by 10. But it’s easy to get into a habit of staying up too late. Here are five hacks to help you get to bed earlier.

Make your bed more inviting

Have you ever walked into Pottery Barn and wanted to crawl directly into their beds on display? They make them so inviting and cozy with lots of pillows and layers. That’s exactly what I do in the early evening. Just take a look at the picture above — the bed is pulled down and the shams are behind the pillows making it easy to crawl in and relax. Also, invest in nice bedding. We bought our bedding from Restoration Hardware and although it was hard to spend the money up front, I have never regretted it. My bed feels luxurious and it’s my sanctuary at the end of the day.

No screen time one hour before bed

I’m the worst at this. A lot of times I’ll look at videos of my kids from earlier in the day and before I know it, I’m looking at the very first video I ever took of my daughter four years ago! What I’ve found to work for me is to set my alarm and then charge my phone in another room. Then when it’s time to go to bed, I move it to my nightstand. If I set my alarm right before bed, that’s usually when I start looking at photos or go onto IG or FB. It’s actually become a really helpful habit and now I rarely look at my phone right before I go to bed.

Set an alarm on your phone

If you have the iPhone, set the “bedtime” alarm on your phone. This is so helpful because it sets a definite end time to your evening. I wasn’t so sure about this, but I’ve found that it really helps me turn everything off and get to bed. Since it also tracks and analyzes my sleep, it’s more motivation to improve my sleep. There’s something about seeing it in a graph form!

Give yourself 30 minutes to get ready

I’ve realized it takes me about 30 minutes for my nightly routine. This includes washing my face, flossing, brushing my teeth, cuddling the dog, sneaking into my kid’s room to check on them and getting a few things ready for the next day (backpacks packed, work stuff organized…etc.). I start this at 9pm so that I can be in bed right after that.

Set your alarm 20 minutes earlier

For at least a week, set your alarm 20 minutes earlier than usual. This will help you get in bed on time because you know you’re getting up a little earlier than usual. This also means you’ll have more time to get ready in the morning. I’m always the first one up in my house during the work week. I love getting ready before anyone else is awake so that I can have some time to myself and then focus on getting the kids ready when they’re up.

What’s your sure fire way to get into bed on time?


Sunday favorites

Good morning and happy Sunday! I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend with family. We started our morning out pretty lazy — stayed in our pj’s, sipped coffee, flipped through a few magazines…all while our kids basically climbed all over us. That’s the name of the game when you have little ones!

I bought these pajamas last year and they are so soft and cozy. They’re on sale right now for under $50! And I live in these Ugg slippers as soon as I get home. Also, be sure to check out the amazing deal on the Nespresso machine I have. If you haven’t had Nespresso coffee from this machine, you’re not living life to the fullest LOL.

Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for stopping by!

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Favorite places in my home

I love interior design as much as I do fashion. Designing a room is much like putting together an outfit; you have to think about colors, textures and the mood you’re going for. I definitely lean more towards the mid century modern look, but I also look to the opinions of my sister and mom for design help and inspiration.

Here are the top three spaces in my home I get the most questions about and where to buy the items:

Living room: I love the way this room came together. The fireplace is in an awkward place and the room is really long, so initially I had a hard time designing this space. The art above the fireplace is something I created on a whim when we first moved in. It’s really grown on me! For a long time I really wanted to mount a mantle on the fireplace, but it might make the space too crowded. I like the retro feel of it for now.


Kitchen: We’re in this space the most: breakfast, lunch and even dinners. We hardly use our dining room anymore, but I think once the kids are a little older we’ll start using it again. I absolutely love this table not only for it’s fun design, but that it’s really kid friendly. There have been so many things spilled on this and accidental marker ink and it always comes out. The art piece is by Grey Malin, but I linked a similar and less expensive version below.



Bedroom: This room has changed the most since we moved in. I had a hard time finding a comforter that wasn’t too feminine and not too manly. I settled for a unique stripe in a pretty grey knowing that I could have fun pillows. There’s still a lot I want to do to this space: update the fan, add an area rug that’s the right size, new closet doors…etc. I am also looking for the perfect bench to add at the foot of the bed. Any suggestions are welcome!