Weekend uniform

Good morning and happy Friday! We just got back from our yearly summer vacation in my hometown of Sun Valley, Idaho. We made so many good memories and I love that my daughter and son will grow up to experience the amazing things I did in my childhood. My daughter had her first ice skating lesson, swam in lakes and pools, wrestled with her cousins and ate pancakes made by her Kiki and Papa. My son experienced his first plane ride, boat ride and started sitting up for the first time. So many amazing memories and milestones!

When I wasn’t in running clothes or my bathing suit, I was wearing this outfit. I purchased these shoes during the Nordstrom anniversary sale last month and I know I will be wearing them a lot with the coming seasons.

Hope you all have a fun weekend planned. I’m celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary today (how did that happen?!) so we’ll be celebrating through the weekend. Hope you have a good one!



  • i love your casual-chic style! Such a great combo. These shoes look absolutely amazing btw