My top 3 favorite baby carriers

What did parents do before baby carriers? I rely on mine so much; it’s the easiest way to go to and from with my baby without having to navigate around with a stroller. My daughter did not like to be in any carrier (I tried several) so I’m extra thankful my son loves them. I would always be so envious of those moms who could easily wrap their baby up and wear them around! Here are my top 3 favorites:

Solly Baby Wrap: I relied on this wrap the most when my son was a newborn. I love how easily I can adjust the tightness and how quickly you can throw it in your bag and go. The material is so soft and slightly stretchy which make it extremely comfortable. I recommend watching the helpful tutorials to understand how to wear it safely. And how fun are all the patterns!

{Zach was so small here, only one month old!}

Ergobaby (worn first image): I’m using this one a lot more now. It’s a lot bigger than the Solly wrap, but it’s easy to throw on and go quickly. Also, the straps are really easy to adjust once you’re baby is tucked in. I find this one to be a little more rugged and perfect for activities like hikes or trips to the park. It’s also really comfortable. Also, Zach’s wearing this hat which is my all time favorite for babies and kids. It’s so easy to adjust and actually stays on.

Boba carrier: These are very similar to the Ergobaby but much more low profile. This is especially nice when you need to throw it in your purse or pack it.

What are your favorite wraps and carriers?