Life Lately II

I planned on doing a baby update every month, but the last one I did was nearly 5 months ago! You can read it here. As you can imagine, so much has changed since then. Zach is going to be 11 months old at the end of this month — how did that happen? Kendall is 4 years old and still completely infatuated with her brother. It’s amazing to watch their bond grow and to see Zach start to react to her. He lights up when he sees her and kicks his legs and squeals. It’s the sweetest thing! Here’s a recap of life lately…

Sleeping: Zach is still taking 2 naps a day, but I can tell he’s about to transition to one nap a day. I’m looking forward to this because it means more time with him and more opportunity to go out and do things without worrying about nap times. He sleeps from 7pm to 7am but every once in a while there’s the occasional cry for us in the middle of the night. He’s usually fine with a quick “pick up-put down” and pacifier.

Eating: The last time I brought Zach to the pediatrician for his wellness check, his doctor said, “I’m certainly not worried about his nutritional intake.” Zach is a big boy, weighing 25 pounds right now. He loves carbs (just like his mom) and prefers to feed himself rather than me feeding him. He’s currently loving cheerios, nutrigrain bars, bananas, cheese, turkey and the Plums Organic baby food. I’ve been putting a lot of other things on his high chair tray to see if he likes it and just let him eat what he prefers. He’s still on formula but we are so excited he’ll be able to move to whole milk soon!

Favorite things: Zach is crawling around everywhere and just recently went from army crawling to regular crawling. He pulls himself up to a standing position all the time and I feel like he’s going to take off at any moment! He loves to crawl around, go to a sitting position and clap, then crawl some more. And he’s obsessed with the bath. He loves to splash the water (violently!) and sometimes it drives Kendall crazy. “Moooommm! Zach is splashing me!”

Postpartum stuff:

  • I have tons of baby hairs growing back. It makes for some crazy hair do’s lately!
  • I’m back to my postpartum weight and feeling really strong and healthy.
  • I’m running 40+ miles a week and starting to race faster. I’m excited for my next 5k in January — hoping for a sub 18:30.
  • After taking vitamin D3, I feel much more energetic, my mind feels sharp and I’m much less achey. You can read more about my journey here.
  • A lot of people ask me if I’m done having babies. The answer is YES! I’ve always known I wanted two.
  • My husband and I feel like we really have this whole two kids thing down. That’s not to say that it can be incredibly exhausting and constant. I love that they are still so little, but I’ll be happy when I don’t have to plan my entire day around nap schedules!

That’s my life lately. I have so much fun with my kids. They make me laugh all the time and I love spending time with them. When I’m at work I get so excited to see them at the end of the day. It’s fun, it’s exhausting, it requires a lot of patience and there’s days I nearly lose my mind. But it’s also incredibly rewarding and the best thing I’ve ever done.

Hope you’re having a good one and thanks for stopping by!