The best baby carrier

Happy new year! 2017 really flew by for me, but I think that’s what a newborn does — makes time go by really fast! I grew so much this year and I feel like my husband and I are really getting into a good rhythm with our family. I learned how to juggle life with two kids while having a full time job, keeping up with my running/racing and growing my blog. There were definitely times when I felt completely overwhelmed, so in the new year I plan to be more patient with myself, to relax more and to slow down. I’m looking forward to a year of good health, fun with family and success in my career, in running, with my blog and in my marriage.

On another note, I borrowed this baby carrier from my good friend for our Christmas vacation. It is absolutely fantastic and I wish I had it from the very beginning. Zach is 25 pounds and not necessarily easy to carry for long periods of time. This carrier is so comfortable because of the back support. If you’re in the market for a carrier, I highly recommend this one. You can wear it 6 different ways!

I hope you all had a great start to your year and I wish you health and happiness!