I’m Holly, and The Glossy Lemon is the place I go to talk about things that I love—not just clothes for the work place, home design, fitness or curating the perfect outfit for a night out—things that are really lovely about living, working and raising my family in Southern California: long trail runs along the coast, time on the weekends with Kendall and Zach, my darling daughter and son, cooking (when I have the time!) and spending time with my girlfriends.

I graduated from Concordia University Irvine with a degree in Psychology (which maybe explains both my analytical mind but also a tendency toward wanting to understand others) and now work at The Capital Group Companies. Like many American corporations, looking put together is something valued at my work, and I like to not only challenge that (dressing up jeans with kitten heels and a jacket, or the perfect scarf!), but challenge myself to raise the bar on fashion in the workplace on a daily basis.

I don’t dress in couture, and you’ll even catch me in my running clothes for an entire weekend—when you have young kids, that’s the name of the game. But I love living, working and playing on the California coast, where personal style can be professional and playful. Dressing up or down, I love to share where and why I make a purchase with my readers.

The thing you’ll also learn about me is that I fall in the category of fitness freak. I love to run. I love the feeling a long, fast run gives me—call me crazy, but I live for the runner’s high! It’s a way for me to process the busy-ness of the rest of my life and push my boundaries mentally and physically.

The Glossy Lemon is a place for me to play and talk about enjoying life. I hope you find that it serves that purpose for you, too, dear reader.


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